Today the proposal that I present to you is one of those recipes that tend to like a lot, because these meat pies never disappoint. The base of the cake is made up of a sautéed meat with vegetables and then a layer of mashed potatoes, to finish with a cheese with its own personality. Then everything goes au gratin and enjoy.

The basis of a good dish is a good EVOO and this time we have cooked with an EVOO Special Edition of Bitter and Pica, the Count of Benalúa A unique, different oil, with a great aroma with different nuances because it is a COUPAGE formed for 3 good extra virgin olive oils of different varieties. Picual variety + Arbequina (soft, velvety, fruity to fruit mush) + hojiblanca (fruity to green).

For today's recipe, the wine used has been part of both the preparation of the dish and the subsequent pairing with the dish. It is the new young red wine from Bodegas Carayol y Castellar, known in the province for their excellent sparkling wines, they also prepare red, white and rosé wines. This red wine Los Pedros "three generations" (in the bottle we can clearly see the three silhouettes of the three generations of Pedro Carayol, the grandfather who started the winery, Pedro Carayol, soul of this winery together with his wife Inma, and that of his son Pedro, the new generation) is one of those wines that enter very easily and that they like a lot, “with an enveloping cherry color with purple reflections, on the nose it offers sharp and intense aromas of ripe fruit. In the mouth it is structured, persistent and meaty, as well as elegant, lively and with personality ”.

And to finish the recipe we have gratinated a cheese of excellent quality topping the recipe, it is the old sheep cheese from the De Leyva cheese factory, located in Guadix. It is the most cured cheese, with a maturation of 8 months vacuum packed, like the rest of the cheeses, with small eyes and an edible rind. It is the one that has a more intense and complex flavor while evolving due to its long maturation, it is a flavor with a long persistence and a slight spicy touch, being the one that has the least memory of milk.

Let's go with the recipe,

For the meat layer:
500 gr. minced pork or beef if you prefer
1 grated carrot
Half an onion
1 leek
2 tomatoes
1 clove garlic
1 glass of Los Pedros red wine
A few tablespoons of EVOO Conde de Benalúa
Fresh thyme
Fresh rosemary
For the mashed potatoes:
3 potatoes
A few tablespoons of EVOO Conde de Benalúa
Some whole milk
To gratin:
100 gr. old cheese from Oveja De Leyva

Cook the potatoes whole and unpeeled in plenty of boiling water until they are tender.

Meanwhile we prepare the meat, for this we sauté the finely chopped onion, the chopped leek and the minced garlic in a pan. Once they are transparent we add the minced meat and when it changes color we add the chopped carrot and the glass of wine, let it cook for five minutes. Then we add the grated tomato and the aromatic herbs. Season and leave until the tomato is fried and the meat is well done. Pour the meat in the bottom of the baking dish (mine type plum cake) and reserve.

Once the potatoes are cooked, peel and mash with a fork, salt and pepper, add the extra virgin olive oil and then add the milk little by little to bind the puree. We introduce in a pastry bag or if you want with a spoon we can make little piles on the meat, until we finish with the puree and that the layer of meat is well covered.

We grate the cheese and spread over the mashed potatoes.

We put in the oven in the gratin function and we gratin for about ten minutes or until we see that the top is browned.

We serve hot.

It is a dish that perfectly withstands the passage of time, so you can heat it up and enjoy it again the next day.

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