I have used for the recipe. It is a great reserve ham from Jamones Vallejo. Since 1951 Jamones Vallejo has been a benchmark in La Alpujarra in Granada. The Vallejo family was the first to industrialize the ham curing process in Trevelez. And during these years they have managed to make their hams the most awarded in La Alpujarra, thanks to constant technical and technological advance without neglecting the tradition of the master ham makers.

The cheese that makes up the filling of this particular bonbon is the cured sheep cheese from Quesos De Leyva. From Guadix Ignacio Mirando de Leyva makes cheese by hand from his own flock of sheep. From a family with an agricultural and livestock tradition, Ignacio has dedicated himself to training as a master cheesemaker and obtaining a high quality cheese, not in vain it is the only company that makes artisan sheep cheese with its own herd in Granada, which saves steps in the cheese making process and keep the milk in optimal conditions for cheese making. The cheese that I propose today is made with raw milk and 120 days of maturation with edible natural rind.

The extra virgin olive oil and also organic with which I have prepared the cheese pate is from Verialda. The olive tradition of Aceites Verialda has more than one hundred years, since the ancestors of the family began to cultivate several olive farms in Montejícar. After more than five generations, it is a company that is dedicated to caring for the olive tree and everything that surrounds this tree, for that reason three years ago they made the decision to change their lands to organic production, since they considered that it is the best way to conserve the flora and fauna of the area, creating an optimal agroecological environment.

And to accompany these chocolates of ham and cheese pate, I have opted for the new wine from the Pago de Almaraes winery, in Benalúa de Guadix. It is a 100% Syrah wine that is a tribute to the Granada-born bullfighter Pedro Chicote and whose label is designed by the Granada-born painter Pedro Jiménez. A novelty of this winery that was born back in 2001 and has become the most technologically advanced winery in Andalusia and one of the most advanced in Spain.

And now we go with the recipe.


100 gr. of Gran Reserva ham sliced ​​with Vallejo Hams
150 gr. De Leyva cured sheep cheese
Verialda Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I do not put amount, it will be enough to bind the cheese and it becomes cream or cheese pate)
To accompany these chocolates Chicote Wine from Bodegas Pago de Almaraes

The first thing we will do is prepare the paté or cream cheese in oil, for this we cut the cheese into cubes, and with the mortar mallet we crush, adding little by little a thread of olive oil to bind the mixture. You can also prepare it by putting the ingredients in a Thermomix type robot and grinding, or in a hand mixer. And as you do, you can prepare more quantity to spread it on toast.

We prepare the chocolates in a silicone chocolate mold or in an ice bucket. We cut the slices of ham in three each, and with each piece we fill the walls of the holes in the mold, leaving the ham that protrudes on both sides to be able to cover after the bonbon. We fill with the cheese pate and close.

We put the mold in the freezer for about ten minutes and once this time we unmold. We serve and leave at room temperature until it is time to drink them, since it is at room temperature that we must take this magnificent cheese to enjoy all its flavor.

We serve accompanied by a glass of Chicote, and we enjoy each bite.

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