It is the most cured cheese, with a maturation of 8 months vacuum packed, like other cheeses, with small eyes and an edible rind. It is the one that has a more intense and complex flavor while evolving due to its long maturation, it is a flavor with a long persistence and a slight spicy touch, being the one that has the least memory of milk.


INGREDIENTS: Raw sheep's milk, salt, lactic ferments, rennet and stabilizer (calcium chloride), without coloring or flavoring.

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It is an old cheese made with raw sheep's milk and 8 months of maturation, with edible natural rind and vacuum packed. It has small eyes, and intense flavors and aromas typical of raw sheep's milk almost lost in time.

The manufacture of old artisan cheese made in the facilities of the Finca El Castañuelo de Guadix (Granada) by a family with an extensive agricultural and livestock tradition, two generations ago our family already made cheese for self-consumption with the typical recipe of the area, which He encouraged Don Ignacio Miranda de Leyva to start the elaboration of it as a professional activity.

First, he updated his knowledge through courses at Laboratorios Arroyo de Santander, pioneers in the training of Master Cheesemakers and advice to Artisan Cheese Shops. This is how he adapted the knowledge transmitted by his family to current methods and techniques in which food safety prevails.

Once the necessary knowledge was acquired, Mr. Ignacio Miranda de Leyva fitted out one of the existing livestock buildings on the El Castañuelo farm, dividing it into 2. In one half he placed the automatic milking parlor and in the other the workshop. As both facilities are in adjoining rooms, the milk passes directly from the sheep's udder to the conservation tank. In most cheese factories, especially industrial ones, milk is collected from several farms and transported to distant points, and this influences the final quality, forcing the milk to be chemically treated to avoid acidification.

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